Welcome to the first online flight school on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Take control of your plane together with a real pilot. Thanks to a cockpit sharing program, you will feel like you are sitting next to your instructor who will guide you during all phases of the flight

Learn to pilot professionally

Follow the actual standard VFR and IFR procedures. Starting from visual navigation (circuits, turns, Dead Reckoning, etc.) up to the instrumental conduct of the flight (VOR, NDB, SID, STAR, Approach, etc.) learning to read the real aeronautical maps

Get the same skills as a professional pilot

Through a theoretical/practical course used in real flight schools. Get on board your favorite aircraft, you can choose from basic planes up to the largest airliners. You will always be accompanied by a qualified instructor who will enrich the lesson thanks to their personal experiences

Here is what we have thought for you

Fly with a PilotSit at the controls with your personal instructor
You are no longer aloneThroughout the flight you will have the answers to all your questions
VFR / IFR Courses - Line TrainingSign up for a course to get a complete learning path
Complete courseThe promotion is active, get a discount on the total cost of the course
Single HoursBook a single hour of help
Single HoursSolve a little doubt without having to sign up for an entire course
SupportWe can assist you in the technical part of the simulator setup
SupportMake the most of your PC to get the best gaming setup